How To Reduce Your Electric Bill

No one likes spending more money than they have to. This is particularly acute when it come to the energy bill. Energy is a necessary part of the home but there is practically little reason to use more than is necessary. Mainly, to save on costs. This is not to suggest that we all start living a medieval existence but we can reduce the energy bill down to manageable levels.

Change Out The Bulbs

Lighting is a large cost of energy in the typical home. While it is not the most user of energy, heating and cooling is, lighting takes up a significant amount over time. To reduce energy consumption while preserving the same light level of the home, the solution is to change out the old bulbs for the new energy efficient bulbs. Modern 25 watt fluorescent bulbs will produce the same amount of light as the old 100 watt and they will last longer. Not only do they save energy costs but purchase costs as well due to the fact they do not have to be changed as often.

Keep it cooler or hotter

As mentioned above, cooling and heating the home make up the largest consumption per year of energy usage. To remedy this situation there are several steps a homeowner can take. The easiest is to adapt to a slightly warmer temp in the summer and a slightly cooler temp in the winter. Sy adjusting the thermostat even just two degrees will save on energy cost. Consider that it typically takes a difference of three degrees for our bodies to realize there has been a change in temperature, this variance of 2 degrees should have little impact on comfort.

Weatherize and Utilize Natural Light

The other common suggestion is to weatherize the home. This means applying weather stripping and accessories that prevent the cool internal air, in the summer, from escaping and the warm air in the winter. To accompany this fact, the other way to help is use natural light to either warm the house during the winter or close the shades in the summer. By allowing more sunlight in during the winter, the radiation from the sunlight will help warm the air. During the summer, preventing this natural light from penetrating the home will keep the air cooler. All of which combine to reduce energy consumption and therefore, the bill.

Taking steps to reduce our energy usage does more than just cut our individual bills down to size. By reducing our usage this means that less energy has to be produced and thereby promoting good environmental stewardship. Regardless of perspective on the environment, reducing energy consumption saves everyone time, and money. By using the steps outlined above, a person can reduce their energy usage by up to 30 percent or more. Of course these are not the only steps but these make a great start in reducing energy consumption. So start saving money and the environment and take these suggestions and make life easier.

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