How To Reduce The Energy Consumption Of Air Conditioning

Heating and cooling are the largest areas in the home or office for energy consumption. While the consumption basic level is dictated by the outside air temperature or internal factors such as the number of people in an area, there are ways to help control and reduce the energy consumption from having to cool a room. Reducing energy consumption of air conditioning is not difficult and can save money and time.


Windows and doors are notorious for allowing cool air to escape to the outside, or to be more specific, allow warm air in. The first step for reducing cooling costs it to limit this influx of warm air from the outside. Properly weatherizing a home or office is a good way to prevent external warm air from intruding. Making sure each window and door properly close and form a gentle seal will go a long way to saving money.

Light Control

During the summer, with the sun at its peak, the solar radiation is significant. The same mechanism that causes sunburn can transfer heat to the internal air. This heats up the surrounding air and causing the air cooler to work even harder and longer to maintain a cool area. The use of shades and blinds can help control this heat transfer. For better control, the use of a polarized tint will significantly reduce the heat transfer between the external sunlight and the internal cooler air.

Proper Cleaning

One of the key areas that can influence the energy consumption, and subsequently the cost, is proper cleaning and maintenance. For starters, typically the dust filter should be changed every month to three months depending on factors such as the number of people and the presence of pets. By providing unrestricted air flow the unit cools more efficiently leading to less energy used. Any dust particles that escape the filter and accumulate in the ductwork will also reduce the efficiency and thereby increase energy consumption. Even the external unit needs to be cleaned from time to time. By making sure the external coils are free of dirt and dust, the external fan unit and compressor operates more effectively.

Good Maintenance

Besides cleaning, good, regular maintenance can keep a unit running at peak performance. By having regular check ups, the technicians will make sure that all aspects of the unit are performing as it should. This includes making sure that the refrigerant level is correct and that all fans are working correctly. They will also make sure that all drains are functioning properly, as inefficient drainage can adversely effect the unit.

By taking these steps to reduce energy consumption, not only is a person saving money but they are helping the environment as well. Less energy used means less energy needs to be produced, thereby reducing the impact on the environment. It is possible to save money and time, while protecting the environment and still enjoy the comfort of a cool room on a hot day. Start saving money by reducing energy consumption today.

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