How To Propagate House Plants With Stem Cutting

You can have many varieties of your favorite flowers in the house year round by learning the method of stem cutting. This technique can be applied to large plants, such as, rhododendrons, the burning bush shrubs and small trees. Climbing and trailing vines are good candidates for stem cutting, they grow long stems and deep roots. These plants need a flower pot large enough to plant their stems deep into the soil.

The tools you will need: one medium sized flower pot; multi purpose compost; one pair of garden gloves; one small narrow trowel; one sharp xacto knife; one dibber; plant labels; one black marker.
* Fill the flower pot with multi purpose compost 1/2 inch from the rim
* Take the side of your hand and make the soil level
* Pat the soil firmly into the pot using your fingers
* Select a long firm healthy stem
* Discard any stem with diseased or droopy leaves
* Holding the stem upright, cut above the firm healthy leaf, leaving a node on the stem
* Use the dibber to make deep holes in the soil
* Place the plant stems deep into the soil
* Cover the plant stems with the soil, using your fingers
* The roots will come from the node below the soil
* The nodes above the soil will produce new leaves
* Try to have at least five cuttings of your plant
* Throughly water the plant
* New roots will begin to form in about three to four weeks

Stem Cutting Overgrown House Plants
House plants that have grown wide, large and tall can be propagated, just like the smaller flowers, climbing vines and shrubs. The small trees and shrubs can be cut down into smaller plants, repotted and placed around the house.

The tools you will need: three large flower pots; small rocks; landscape fabric; rooting hormones; compost; potting soil; one trowel; one small hand saw; plant labels; a black marker.
* Cut the stem of the small tree 12″ above the soil
* Place the original plant into a new flower pot
* Mix some of the old soil with the new soil and re-pot the original plant
* Cut the stem into three pieces
* Remove all the leaves off the stem to reveal the nodes
* The nodes below the soil are going to grow new roots
* The nodes above the soil will produce new leaves
* Put rocks in the bottom of the flower pots for drainage
* Cut the landscape fabric in circular or square pieces
* Place the landscape fabric over the rocks
* Place the soil in the flower pot 1/2 inch from the rim
* Use a trowel to make deep holes in the soil
* Put the ends of the stems in the rooting hormone
* The rooting hormones will assist in the growth of the new roots
* Place the plant stems deep into the soil
* Cover the plant stems with the soil, using your fingers
* Throughly water the plant
You can use the method of stem cutting when you see flowers that you like at a family member or friends home. Place the cut stem into a small jar of water, or wrap the stem in a paper towel. When you return home plant the stem immediately, the stem must not dry out.

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