How To Clean A Bath Tub

Oh, the bath tub. Large, unwieldy, and a absolute pain to clean. You are not the only one who looks at the tub with dread when cleaning day rolls around. The awkward hands and knees scrubbing, the fumes of whatever cleaner you are using, and the soap scum. Oh, that soap scum that never seems to come clean no matter how well you scrub it. It’s enough to drive anyone batty. Here’s the thing. It doesn’t have to be this way. Really. It doesn’t. There is a better way to clean a bath tub that doesn’t involve heavy fumes, copious scrubbing, or toxic chemicals. Here’s how to do it.

You’re going to need an empty spray bottle. The dollar store or the cleaning section of any department store usually stocks them.
Next, you’ll need to get the two ingredients. That’s right, two, and they are almost certainly already sitting in your kitchen right now. Go get some blue dish soap and some white vinegar. Really! That’s it!

In your spray bottle, mix half a cup of warm vinegar and half a cup of blue dish soap. Shake to combine. It will get foamy and that’s alright. Now, take that spray bottle and spray down your tubs and showers. Give them a good coating. Don’t scrub and rinse. Just let that blue vinegar goodness soak in. Go off and do something else for an hour or two. Drink a cup of coffee. Read up on J-Law’s latest, or just take a two hour nap. You deserve it.

Once you’ve spent an hour or so being industrious and productive (or not), go back into the bathroom and wipe that tub clean. No need to scrub. Just give it a good wipe, and then rinse it with the shower head. Ta-da! You will have a sparkling, lovely tub. No more grime, no more soap scum, no more of that weird ring that everyone gets in their tub.

So why does this work? It’s simple. The blue dish soap is designed to be tough on scum and to rinse clean, so you get a heavy-duty clean without leaving any soapy build-up behind. Vinegar is a natural cleaner, and, best of all, kills mold. We all know how much mold loves the damp environment in a bathroom, so vinegar is the secret weapon of anyone with sparkling showers.

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