How To Care For Honeysuckle

The honeysuckle is a popular climbing plant that can really add a unique color and atmosphere to your property. The trick to getting the most from your honeysuckle plant is properly caring for it throughout the year. To do this, you will need a couple items that will help you to nurture and grow your new plant big. A pair of snipping shears and some wire are all that is needed to grow and care for your honeysuckle plant.

The fragrant flowers of the honeysuckle plant are part of the reason that many homeowners love to grow them in their yards. In addition to these plants looking and smelling beautiful, they attract butterflies and small birds to their sweet smell, helping to give your property a picturesque and calming look and feel. To be able to get the most from your plant you have to take great care in helping it reach its full potential.

You will need to prune back the branches of the honeysuckle plant as it grows to help encourage new growth. Even months after you have pruned back some branches, you will notice that there is still some dead wood that needs to be removed. To do this properly you need to take your shears and trim back as close to the main branch as possible on an angled cut. The angled cut will reduce the chance of rain accumulating in that area, as it simply washes away along the steep cut of the branch.

Depending on the wall that you have planted the honeysuckle plant near, you can attach small wires to the wall to help aide in the growth of the plant. When you attach the wire pieces, the honeysuckle plant will send out little feelers along the wall until it comes in contact with those wire loops. Once it finds the wire, the honeysuckle plant will begin to wrap itself around and around the wire, acting like an anchor to help the plant climb even higher. The wire secure the honeysuckle plant to the wall and will provide the perfect backdrop when the plant begins to bloom again.

If the honeysuckle plant is fairly young, you will need to water it regularly to help get it established in this new location. The wires that you attach to the wall will help you to shape the plant as it gets bigger, allowing you to trim back areas while letting the parts attached to the wires to hold and grow up further. Because the plant is up against the wall, it will need more attention early on compared to those plants that are further out in the open garden. Continue to water the honeysuckle plant until it has become established. You will notice that the plant will bloom quite nicely during the warmer summer months.

Keep an eye on your honeysuckle plant throughout the season by trimming back any dead branches that you find. The more you trim, the more you encourage new stronger growth that will add to the overall beauty of your honeysuckle plant.

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