A Guide To Front Garden Design

There is nothing more impressive than driving through a neighborhood and seeing a beautiful front yard garden. When properly designed, such a garden can make a home stand out. It reflects the ability and thoughtfulness of the homeowner to design a important home area, while adding curb appeal that makes the real estate more valuable.

When planning, it is essential to consider the surrounding properties and be sure that your choices will blend in, while meeting your extensive values. It is important that your beautiful front garden, while showing elegance and careful planning, will not be an extreme contrast to the other neighborhood properties.

Such a garden requires a lot of thought and hard work. Among things to consider, are the type of soil, the local climate, availability of water and, of course, personal desires. Prior to planning such a garden, it is a good idea to explore design books, articles and even the library on the subject.

If you live in an area where there is often a shortage of water, you want to be selective regarding drought-tolerant grasses and plants. For example, Muhlenbergia Capillaris ‘Regal Mist’ is a beautiful plant that requires little water. Yet, in late summer it flowers into bright magenta-pink providing a beautiful addition to its surroundings. There are many other plants that also present an outstanding look with little watering. In addition, there may also be clay or concentration of certain soils in which some plants will not do well. This may require hauling in topsoil prior to planting.

Depending on the type of garden chosen, it may be necessary to call in a professional landscaper. This is especially true if the contour of the land is to be changed or there are special provisions to be considered. Of course, having a proper watering system is essential to keep the garden from drying out. A professional can also install things such as a retaining wall, ponds, paths and so forth, depending on the design.

Your garden design will depend a great deal on the size of the property as well as its shape. If it is a large area, it is possible to have a winding path to the front door, which will provide the visitor a view of numerous beautiful shrubs and flowers. A small area might feature a path of attractive stones that provide a natural look that flatters the color and contour of the home itself.

Should special considerations be needed, such as parking, disability access or other needs, this can be included in the original planning. Usually these requirements are met on the side of the garden, often obscured by a hedge or other type of shrub that eliminates it from the overall view.

Any garden requires maintenance to maintain. Therefore, unless you have a lot of time on your hands, it is important to use a design and plantings that will require as little personal care as possible. This will make it possible to keep the area attractive year round and allow you to enjoy your beautiful front yard garden.

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